Sound Recording and Branding Solutions for your band, solo artist or project.
Newkey Recording Studios offers state of the art "Pro" Recording Studio. Music Production includes the following services: In-House Studio Recording Solutions, Copyright free original music design,Copyright free film scoring, Copyright free original music for film, Custom sound production for your business campaign or project.The studio is a premire Recording facility for music production & post production and Film Scoring for hollywood or independent films.

Small Studio, Huge Sound.
From solo artists to rock bands, the studio succeeds above standard output for cd duplication and radio ready productions. Our professional audio engineers produces sound design  that is made for Hollywood high budget films to recording solutions for pod casting.
Yah, we do that.
We can design the cover for the project, duplicate it in-house or use a third party, put it up on the apple itunes store, U.S. and international. Our services also include; with the help from our sister company Newkey Media Solutions, all the advertising needs to help build your branded product, set up a pro website, integrate social media, and help with your R.O.I.

Industry Insiders to the best in Music Distribution.
 Finishing a music cd or audio recording is just the beginning to getting the crowds to listen to your material. Whether it is heard on local or national radio, in a movie or used as merchandise sold at a performance, Our professionals can set that up for you.

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